How to Stream Xbox One Games on PC and Laptop

Stream Xbox One Games

Xbox One was one of the 8th generation home video game consoles developed by Microsoft. It was released in May 2013 was the successor to Xbox 360 making it one of the third console that belonged to the Xbox family.

Xbox One had a lot of positive feedback especially for the multimedia features, controller design, and voice navigation.

But this was also criticized for lower graphical level when compared to the PlayStation 4.

Usually, there are two main streaming types. The first one relates to streaming live on a platform like YouTube or Twitch.

The Other form of streaming refers to streaming from the console to a laptop or a PC that is when connected to the same network.

The best part about owning an Xbox One is that you can directly connect it to Windows 10 if you are using the same network and this makes the laptop the remote display of the console.

This basically means you can play games or use any Xbox One apps or even watch movies on your Windows 10 laptop or PC without the console being physically present or moving it around.

The only thing you have to make sure that everything is connected to the same network.  When we say the same network.

we mean that the Xbox One console and the PC or laptop has to be connected to the same router or the internet connection via an Ethernet cable or connected to the same Wifi network.

While games are streaming, the Xbox One console is used to manage your game while your Windows 10 becomes a second remote screen which allows you to roam freely while continuing to enjoy your games via using the Xbox One console.

Let’s get into the main part of the article on how to stream and play Xbox One games on a laptop.

Xbox One Streaming   

Turning on game streaming on your Xbox One is very simple just follow these steps on how to stream and play Xbox One games on a laptop:

  1. Turn on your Xbox One and head over to the main menu screen.

  2. On the main menu screen go to settings and under that preferences.

  3. Make sure the box next to allow game streaming to other devices is selected.

  4. Now turn on your Windows 10 laptop and open the Xbox App.

  5. On the left side of the Menu Bar, you will see a connect icon select it, and this should show you your Xbox One console -select the option, and this would automatically start the connection, and it should be connected within a few seconds.

  6. The last step needs you to connect the Xbox One controller to your Windows 10 laptop simply through a USB cable connected to the USB port.

  7. You will see a Stream option tap or click on it.

  8. And this should be enough to answer the question of how to stream and play Xbox One games on a laptop.

Using Oculus Rift

As mentioned before, just make sure that your Xbox One and laptop are connected to the same wireless network.

Let’s look into How to stream and play Xbox One games on a laptop.

  1. Turn on your Xbox One and sign into your account.

  2. Now got your laptop and sign into the Xbox App and made sure you use the same account that you are using with the Xbox One.

  3. Open the Oculus App and log in to your Oculus Account. Go to the search bar and search for Xbox and then select the install Xbox One streaming option.

  4. Once the installation is done open Xbox One streaming and chooses your Xbox.

Is there is only one Xbox that has been connected to the network it will automatically choose it if not you will have to select it manually?

If the app is not able to read your Xbox, then make sure your Xbox is turned on and signed into the right account.

If it still not able to recognize your Xbox then you will need to connect your Xbox using the IP address you can find the IP address by going into settings and looking for network settings under the same and then click on the advanced option.

Here you can add in your IP address and connect your Xbox One.

Now all you have to do is just put on your headsets and have fun gaming. And this should answer your question on how to stream and play Xbox One games on a laptop.


While streaming using Oculus, the main Xbox button that is on your controller opens the oculus main menu and will not take you to the main Xbox homepage.

And if you want to use the Xbox button for its functionality then aim your cursor at the virtual Xbox button and hit the A button on the controller.

You can also long press A button to bring out the notifications or open the power menu.

If you’re on a slow network and need to change the quality of streaming, move your cursor over to the network icon, which you’ll find below the screen and change the option to a lower quality level.

The default at such apps is usually very high. And this is definitely the best way on how to stream and play Xbox One games on a laptop.

Xbox Anywhere Option

Xbox play anywhere was launched in the year 2016 which lets the Xbox owners play games anywhere as long as they have a Windows 10 PC.

It is necessary to on the digital copy of the game if you want to be using this Xbox play anywhere feature.

remember that only one person will be able to clear the time because once you signed into your Microsoft account.

you won’t be able to play on each device at the same time, for example, you and your friend cannot be using the same Xbox Live account.

How does Xbox play anywhere work?  

The first thing you need to make sure is that the Xbox One and laptop updated with the newest software.

This means it is necessary to have Windows 10 on the laptop. You must also remember that if you are not an Xbox Live member, you will not have the ability to use any of the Xbox play anywhere titles on your laptop.

on your laptop which has Windows 10 open the Xbox app and log in to your account from there you will be able to see a list of Xbox play anywhere games that you can be purchased and are ready to be downloaded.

If you haven’t purchased any game, you can purchase them from the same menu and if you don’t see the game that you have already purchased simply open the windows store and search for the game and click on download.

Check if you’re connected to the same Wifi network this will help to install the game and transfer the current progress.

The next step is relatively simple all you have to do is connect your Xbox One controller to your laptop. The Xbox One controller can be connected to the laptop using a USB cable.

But, if you’re looking for a permanent solution, we recommend you purchase another controller and pair it permanently to your laptop.

You can also look for the revised version that came out with the Xbox One S. You could also use the laptops Bluetooth or even a wireless USB dongle and connect it via Bluetooth.

This is one of the best ways how to stream and play Xbox One games on a laptop.

Streaming In-Game and Party Chat

While streaming from your Xbox to the laptop, you can participate in the party and in-game chat. All you have to do is connect a microphone or a headset to your laptop even before you open the Xbox app and start streaming.

You will have to make sure your microphone or headset settings are at the default communication device. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Open the control panel of your laptop.

  2. Look for Hardware and Sound and select that option.

  3. Select Manage Audio Devices

  4. Under the Playback option, right click once on the Headset or Microphone option and just check if all the settings are at default and if it is also set as the default device.

  5. You might have to set your headset or microphone to the default communication device. This is how to stream and play Xbox One games on a laptop.

How to Change Streaming Quality

Once your laptop is connected to the Xbox One console, you also have the option to select the quality of the streaming video.

This can be done before you start the steaming process or while you start streaming. Usually, the streaming quality will be set at the highest level in order to give the optimum gameplay experience.

Let’s look at how to stream and play Xbox One games on a laptop.

  1. Open the Xbox App select settings and then select the Game Streaming option.

  2. Under video encoding level you have the option to select the Streaming Quality. They usually have 3 options high medium and low let us look into when you can select which option.

    • High: You can select this option when your Xbox One controller and the Windows 10 laptop connected via an Ethernet cable or if the console and the laptop are in the same room and connected to the same wireless router which has minimum wireless interference.

    • Medium: This option is best suited when you’re using a 5GHz wireless network, and the console and the laptop are in different rooms of the house.

    • Low: You can use this option when you’re using a low-end laptop and when you’re using a 2.4 GHz wireless network.

Note: we recommend you start with the highest setting to reducing the video quality level until you reach the best performance.

This mainly depends on your home network and how much it will be able to support the current configuration. And this is how to stream and play Xbox One games on a laptop.

How to improve your stream?

  1. Disable older wireless protocols on your wireless access point (WAP)

A lot of wireless routers and access points can be changed accordingly to disable older protocols, for example, the 802.11 a, b, and g. such settings are usually referred to as “Mixed Mode.”

Once you disable the older protocols and by setting the router to use newer protocols, for example explicitly, the 802.11 AC/N will definitely give you a better experience.

2. Move your Xbox One controller and laptop closer to the wireless network.

Remember that closer the Xbox One console and your laptop, or to the internet connection to faster, your game streaming is going to be. It will also let you stream at high quality.

The best thing to do is to choose a centrally located place for your router. This won’t let the floors walls or metal objects to cause interference.

3. Use a wired network if necessary.

To check the best streaming experience, we highly suggest you use a wired network. This will give you high-quality video lowest lag in your gameplay and the least interference.

By using a wired network we mean connecting it via Ethernet, cable one is connected to your Xbox One console and the other one to your laptop.

If the distance is too much in you’re not able to connect an Ethernet cable to the console and the home network or your laptop you can use the following options:

  • Powerline network adaptors: this method lets you use an adaptor to enable the existing electrical wiring of your home to a high speed wired network.

  • Multimedia over coax: This method lets you use the existing coaxial cable that already exists in your home to a high speed wired network.

Use different SSID networks for your 2.4GHz network and your 55GHz network.

Many wireless routers will be set at default to using a single name (SSID) for both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks. While other routers will have default settings to two separate names this simply helps you in identifying the frequency band.

If your router happens to use the same network name for both the networks 2.4GHz and 5GHz. You can manually change the configuration and assign different names to both the networks.

By naming both the networks differently, you can explicitly configure the PC and the Xbox One to use a specific network and frequency band.

What You’ll Need to Twitch Stream on Xbox One

If you want to stream directly via your Xbox One console onto twitch, you don’t need anything extra than the basics. Let’s first look at what you’d need:

  1. Any console that belongs to the Xbox family like the Xbox One console.

  2. A wireless or wired internet connection. Faster the internet better the quality and streaming speed. As long as you have an internet connection you’re good!

  3. Your laptop or any device that you want to connect to your console and use as the screen.

  4. And an Xbox One controller to Play and Navigate your way through the games and app.

  5. If you want to attach your video footage and add voice narration, you’ll need to have the following items:
    • A Kinect sensor Xbox One. This uses for recording video for your twitch streaming. Not only does it enhance your twitch live streaming but it also lets you use voice commands, play motion video games and even make Skype video calls.

    • If you’re an Xbox One user, then there is nothing to worry about but if you’re an owner of the Xbox One S or Xbox One X version you will have to buy the Xbox Kinect Adapter for it to work efficiently.

Downloading the App

To start a stream on twitch, you will have to download the app. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the store that you’ll find on your dashboard.

  2. Search for the Twitch App, and it has a purple icon. Click on it, and this will lead you to the official page where you can download it.

  3. The app will install onto your Xbox One, and you can look for the game under my games & apps.

Connecting your Twitch and Xbox Accounts

  1. Go to the Official Twitch website on your laptop and log in.

  2. Open the Twitch App on your Xbox One Console and select the Login option. The app will then send you a six digit code.

  3. Type in that six-digit code on your computer, in the same place where you Logged into the Twitch.

Starting your stream

If you’re streaming for the first time. You will have to run a few steps if you want to get the best audio and visual experience.

Let’s look at how to stream and play Xbox One games on a laptop:

  1. Open the Game that you want to steam. You will not be able to steam a game until it is active. You don’t have to play it, but just keep it open.

  2. Go back to the Xbox One main screen and open the Twitch App. Select the Broadcast Option and reopen the Xbox One Game, shrink the Twitch App.

  3. Click on the Broadcast title and rename it according to your Twitch Broadcast.

  4. Go to settings and here you’ll be able to see what your Twitch live steam would look like.

  5. If you have a Kinect connected, you will be able to see what that would look like as well. If you’re not happy with the positioning and the look of it. You can always reposition and resize the windows according to your liking.

  6. You also have an Auto zoom option that lets you focus on your face while you are streaming.

  7. Check if you’re microphone is on and connected and the box next to Enable Microphone is ticked.

  8. The last step is to check the quality of the stream, and you’re good to go.

  9. Once all your settings are adjusted, hold down the B button on the controller to return to the main menu. 

Final Words

And this brings us to the end of how to stream and play Xbox One games on a laptop. You can stream to a laptop in many ways. And you can also stream directly onto a platform like Twitch.


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