How to Play Android Games on PC

Play Android Games on PC

With the growth in the technological field, the number of phone manufacturing companies has increased which has also lead to an increase in the number of smartphones.

Everyone has a smartphone in today’s time and is positively addicted to a few games on them.

But, don’t you wish you can play them on your laptop or on your PC and enjoy a bigger screen and at the same time doesn’t drain the battery of your phone?

What if we tell you it’s possible to play all your android games on PC without going through a lot of trouble.

All you have to do is, read this article on how to play android games on PC and keep in mind the point so that by the end, you can select the most appropriate method suited for you.

Let’s look into the different methods on how to play android games on PC:

1. BlueStacks

Bluestacks is one of the best solutions to how to play android game on pc.  BlueStacks was launched in the year 2011, challenge the limits of mobile gaming.

As of today, Bluestacks has around 200 million people all over the world using their Application.

The best part about BlueStacks is that it is compatible with windows as well as Mac users.  Blue Stack also has a unique platform for advertising that no one has ever done before.

They combine the digital and traditional ways of advertising in order to maximize their reach and outcomes.

How to play android game on pc using Bluestacks, let’s look into the steps and procedure.

Installing BlueStacks

All you have to do to install Bluestacks is directly download the application from the official BlueStacks website and once the download is completed, just run the file.

It is such a simple process! Just keep in mind that the file is relatively large and that the setup might take quite a lot of time, be patient!

After you’re done downloading the application, it should automatically open, if it doesn’t, you can manually open the application.

It usually takes you a few seconds and not a lot of time. Once the application is open, like any other android device, it will ask you to sign into your Google Account. And now you can use the application all you want.

And this brings us to the end of the installing process oh on how to play android game on pc using BlueStacks.

NOTE: During this process, if you face any issue or receive an error message saying “Hardware acceleration is not available on your system” or “this host only supports Intel VT, But is disabled.”

Don’t worry about this problem can be solved quickly, just turn on the hardware acceleration feature and this will help apps run smoother and faster.

Since BlueStacks works like an entire OS in your current system, you have the option to enable virtualization on your computer.

Installing Games

Just like how we have the Play Store of your phones, Bluestacks uses the BlueStacks  App Center that features various games that are divided into many categories or collections.

For example, Arcade, Puzzle, Casual, Card Games, Action and so on. Their App Center is also categorized in a way that you look for the charts that are top trending, top grossing games, most popular games and a lot more, just scroll down as much as possible.

If you have a specific game in find, you can just search for the games using the search box.

If you find this complicates, you can just the Google Play Store to look for apps and games. It is straightforward, follow these steps, go to “My App” tab and then open the “System App” folder.

Here, launch the Play Store App, and you will be able to download and even install all the apps and games.

Any game or app that works on your phone will also work on your PC using BlueStacks. And hence, it’s the best solution to the question of “how to play android game on pc?”

Performance Review and Features

A lot of people have played high-performance android games on their PC using BlueStacks. These high-performance games were Modern Combat 5, Airborne.

BlueStacks was able to handle them easily with not a lot of lag. Although there was an occasional frame dropped at Asphalt 8 and even MC5, the performance was to die for, and the graphics with Riptide GP was awe-inspiring.

Since you can use the keyboard for all your controls, it makes the game very interesting and fun to play.

Just like how our phones heat up, and the battery drains out quickly, it’s the same when you use BlueStacks on your PC or laptop.

There is nothing surprising here, as it is understood that high-performance games will have this effect on your phone and your PC.

The only drawback is that it might harm your battery as it was not designed for this, so when you use BlueStacks for a long time on your PC, always keep an eye on your PC or laptop and do not overuse it.

TIPS: BlueStacks has the option to run instances that lets you use the different Google account, or you could even use more than one app at a time.

You can also use BlueStacks in full-screen mode, which not a lot of emulators have.

2. Nox App Player

Nox App Player was developed by a company called the Duodian Network which is a tech startup company mainly focusing on Android Emulator programs.

Their main product is the Nox App Player who is one of the best how to play android games on PC applications.

The best part about the Nox Application is that it is suitable for all Android games and Applications and it’s completely free!

Let’s look into how to play android games on PC using the Nox player Application.

  1. Download the Nox Application from their official website. Click on the Install Application option and the download will start automatically on your PC.

  2. Once the installation complete, Launch the Application which you’ll find on the main screen. Here, you’ll find the in-built Google Play Store.

  3. Open the Google Play Store, and you’ll have to sign into your Google account obviously! Now, you can search for the games or apps you have on your mind and wish to download.

  4. If you have the APK file version of an app or a game, the process is simple, just drag the file and drop it into the Nox Application and to install the file just click on it.

  5. For this method to work, you must remember to turn on the root mode under the Nox system settings for it to work and for it to be possible to share files between the PC and the Nox Application.

Now, you can easily play all your favorite Android games on your PC by using your mousepad, keyboard or any other feature that your PC or Laptop has.

The best part about using an emulator is that you don’t have to worry about your Internet connection, Memory space, RAM space and so on.

TIPS: If you have too many games that you want to play at a time, you can use the Nox Multiple instance feature.

With this feature you can play multiple games at a time, you can launch new instances to run different games.

The number of games you can open depends on your computer performance and its capacity.

3. Apower Mirror

Like the other two applications, Apower lets you control Android from PC. It’s basically like streaming phone screen to PC.

Basically, via this application, you can use your phone on a laptop in the same way, except use the keyboard, mouse pad to your advantage. How to play android games on PC using

The process of installation Is relatively simple.

  1. Download and Install the application. Once the installation is done, Open the application.

  2. Now, connect your phone to the PC using a USB cable. The software will be on your phone as long as you don’t uninstall it.

  3. You will receive a window on your phone, select the start now option and if you don’t want the box to open every time, you can select the Don’t show again option.

  4. And voila! You’ll be able to control the Android via PC. All you have to is open the game and play it.

TIPS: You can connect your Android to PC if you’re using the same WiFi. Hold the M Button and add in your computer name.

You can also use the full-screen mode, and that will make the experience even better!

4. GenyMotion

Genymotion is one of the top Android emulators out in the market. This application is known for its speed and other features.

Genymotion lets you select a file and then drag-drop it into the application, and you can play it on a big screen. How to play android games on PC using GenyMotion:

  1. Open the official website of the Application and sign up for an account.

  2. After creating an account, go to their download page and Download Application.

  3. Once, the installation complete, sign in using the account you just created.

  4. This will run the application, and once the application is open, it will ask you to download a version that suits your android device.

  5. Once you’ve completed that step, just click the Play Button to start the application. Just like how our phones work, the first time you use the software, it will go through the setup.

  6. Once, that is done you can use Windows Explorer or any other internet browser to go through the Android App location.

  7. Now, select the file, drag and drop the APK file of the game onto the GenyMotion Application.

  8. After this, you can play android games and use Android applications on your PC easily.

GenyMotion is one of the best solutions to how to play android games on PC. It’s a quick and easy process and provides you with the best gaming experience as well.

5. Droid4X

Droid4X is one of the oldest android emulators for PC and one of the first applications to answer the question how to play android games on PC.

Their interface is relatively simple and can be used by anyone as it is that simple. Their primary marketing strategy focus on gamers, and if they used their application, their productivity would increase. How to play android games on PC using the Droid4X.

Using Droid4X, you can play any game or use any application that you had on android now on your PC.

You can play games like subway surfers, Temple Run, Clash on Clans and even apps like Diner Dash, Kitchen Stories or Tubemate.

Droid4X base on the Android version 4.2.2 which means it can be used for any app. The Android 4.2.2 is one of the most comprehensive used applications and hence makes it easy for anyone using it.

The best feature of the Droid4X is the ability to record video files or anything that is currently happening on the emulator screen.

They also give you the option to change image quality but as usual, anything that you record will have the Droid4X watermark. After all, you can’t have everything for free!

Droid4X also lets you customize your controls. Once you install and run the app, you can customize it according to your liking and personalize your account and controls.

In about a minute you’ll have a keyboard fully customized to your needs, and maybe, no one else will be able to understand and figure out, which might work to your advantage.

This would also make it super easy to play all the games like on your android phone and will adapt well to different games.

The only drawback with this application is that they don’t release updates very often due to which, you might face some problems.

Hence, we advise you use the application carefully as it could have a few bugs.

6. AirMore

AirMore is a well-known Application, but it not exactly an Android emulator. It works more like a wireless application through which you can manage your Android devices.

This application is suite to gamers, as they use this to play games on their PC. The only condition here is that the Android device must be a 5.0 or a higher version.

The application is very user-friendly and easy to set up. How to play android games on PC using AirMore:

  1. Download the application from the Google Play Store and install it on your phone.

  2. Using your PC, open their official website and select the Launch AirMore Web to connect option.

  3. A QR code will display, scan the QR code using your phone or look for an avatar and click on it to connect your PC and phone.

  4. Once you have connected both the devices, select the reflector icon which you will find at the main interface. This will lead you to a notification box, both on your phone and PC.

  5. Select the start now option on your Android device or your phone and the app will do its job! It will start to mirror anything that display on the screen to your PC without any lag.

  6. Now, your set up done, and you enjoy gaming on the big screen and use all the benefits of having a keyboard and a mousepad!

TIPS: A faster way to reach the website is by directly clicking on

 7. Bliss Application

The Bliss Application is a little bit different as it works as an Android emulator but through a virtual machine.

It’s not very easy to use. Hence, if you’re not a person who has a lot of knowledge on technology, we don’t recommend you use this application.

You can use this application by connecting a USB cable. But this process is complicated, it lets your computer run on Android natively if your system supports this function.

Not a very good solution for how to play android games on PC.


KOPLAYER is one of the free best android emulators for PC and the best Application if you’re looking for How to play android games on PC.

It based on the x86 Architecture, and it supports all the advanced features like OpenGL, runs faster, compatibility and more stable when compared with another Android emulator.

KOPLAYER supports video recording, the use of a keypad and gamepad and also supports multiple accounts.

It is popular for its integrated Google Play Store where you can find all the android apps, almost 99% of the apps and games work correctly on the KOPLAYER.

This could be your last option on the list of How to play android games on PC.

Final Words

This brings us the end of the article on how to play android games on PC. There are various ways through which you can answer the question how to play android games on PC.

We recommend using BlueStacks, but you can go through all the applications and pick the one you think would suit your requirements the best. Happy gaming!


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