How to Level Up in Steam {Legit Ways}

How to Level Up in Steam

Steam has been all over the internet of late. This is mainly due to the diverse applications that steam offers.

Before we get into how to level up in steam, let’s have a look into their history and how far they’ve come. Steam was initially released on September 11, 2003, which makes it around 15 years old. It’s developed by a company called Valve.

Steam can be used over various platforms starting from Microsoft Windows that includes Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or anything above, MacOS, and Linux that have complete access and few other platforms like iOS, Android, PlayStation 3 and Windows Phones are limited clients and have limited access.

Right now, Steam has around 11,300,000 gamers online and 3,000,000 in-game players. They also have thousands of games ranging from Action to Indie.

All you have to do is scroll through and pick the game that grabs your attention. Steam is also the best place to make new friends and meet new people. you can join new communities and meet like-minded people.

If you’ve started using steam and are wondering how you could level up, this is the right place to be. We’ll walk you through the best ways you can level up quickly.

When you start using steam, it will take you around 100 XP to reach the next level. This amount will only increase as you level up.

To put into figures, after you reach Level 10 on steam, you’ll need around 200 XP per level, and after you reach Level 20 on steam, you’ll require 300 XP each level and so on.

Let’s look at the level by level breakdown of how many points you need to level up. This will help you understand better on how to level up in steam.

Level 1100 XP, 5 Friends Slots
Level 2200 XP, 5 Friends Slots
Level 3 300 XP, 5 Friends Slots
Level 4 400XP, 5 Friends Slots
Level 5 500 XP, 5 Friends Slots
Level 6600 XP, 5 Friends Slots
Level 7 700 XP, 5 Friends Slots
Level 8800 XP, 5 Friends Slots
Level 9900 XP, 5 Friends Slots
Level 101,000 XP, 5 Friends Slots
Level 111,200 XP, 5 Friends Slots
Level 121,400 XP, 5 Friends Slots
Level 131,600 XP, 5 Friends Slots
Level 141,800 XP, 5 Friends Slots
Level 152,000 XP, 5 Friends Slots
Level 162,200 XP, 5 Friends Slots
Level 172,400 XP, 5 Friends Slots
Level 182,600 XP, 5 Friends Slots
 Level 192,800 XP, 5 Friends Slots
Level 20 3,000 XP, 5 Friends Slots

Now, that we have had a look at the point’s breakdown and how to level up in steam. Let’s look into various methods you can gain points or XP and level up quickly.

How to Level Up in Steam?

Earn Points by Owning Games

This is the most authentic way on how to level up in steam. The logic behind this is very simple, the more games you own more XP you’ll be able to earn.

Hence, we suggest you try to own as many games as possible. But, the real question is how much XP does one gain via owning a game? The math might be a little confusing, but let’s give it a look.

For around one to nine games you get Hundred XP and an addition of 5 XP per game. If it was put into numbers it would look something like this:

  • 1 to 9 Games: 100 XP plus 5 XP per game
  • 10 to 24 Games: 150 XP plus 3.33 XP per game, only if 10 and above.
  • 25 to 49 Games: 150 XP plus 2 XP per game
  • 50 to 99 Games: 175 XP plus 1.5 XP per game

And soon, if you want to check the amount of XP you have earned via owning a game. Just follow this simple step. First, go to your profile and then look of the option called Badges and click on it. The most likely one listed at last is the 1st badge you collected.

Earn Points by Crafting Badges

The best way to earn quick points is by using your Trading Card Sets. Using the Trading Card Sets you can earn 100 XP for each set you can craft it into Badge also known as an icon that will be on your profile and will also be linked to your account.

Usually, these badges act as a representative to the trading card sets that you might have collected and your current participation level.

To top it off, with the 100 XP and the badge you also get a few other perks like:

An emoticon which is random that you can use in chat or discussions that were created especially for this game.

A profile background which was randomly created especially for this game that you can use on your Steam Community events.

You also have chances of getting discounts coupon for different games or even DLC!

Using Steam Trading Cards

Steam Trading Cards are basically cards that you collect by playing games on steam. As and when you collect a set of cards you can gain items that will help you customize your profile and also show off your gameplay.

You can get these trading cards by just participating in games. These card drops will be placed directly into your steam inventory.

Once you have collected a set you are eligible for a booster pack. The set might include both, foil and basic cards.

As you have more badges crafted, the chances of being randomly granted booster packs are higher. The main thing you have to remember here is to log in weekly to maintain eligibility.

When you maintain the eligibility, the Steam Level increases your rate of receiving booster backs.

  • 10th Level – your drop rate increases by 20%
  • 20th Level – your drop rate increases by 40%
  • 30th Level – your drop rate increases by 60%
  • 40th Level – your drop rate increases by 80%
  • 50th Level – A complete 100% increase rate! Technically your drop rate has doubled.

Hence, the more cards you have the trading cards get better. Even if you don’t own a game, you are still eligible to go to the market and trade with others.

At the market, you can trade for Cards and Craft sets for Badges and then earn XP and also get bonus items! But, if you use this method, you will not be able to get booster packs.

Getting games is not very hard, you can always use third-party applications or just buy a handful of games like 3-6 for a few dollars.

Using Some Market Tips

One really important thing to keep in mind is that no matter how many trading cards belong to a set, you will only receive 500 XP for a complete set of badges.

The best thing to do is use a third party app and find out the values and sort out the prices of the cheapest sets that would add up to a max of 500 XP.

Why would anyone collect a card set of 15? It has absolutely no advantages as you could be paying extra, 3 times more to be exact.

You could trade these cards on the market and then use that money to buy smaller card sets! This will help you out at how to level up in steam.

A small little tip, while booster packs to give you the opportunity to earn XP, sometimes it is really hard to sell them.

Hence, we suggest that you redeem the booster pack and then remove it off your list and trade it at the marketplace. This will earn you more points and will also give you the opportunity to redeem a booster pack.

Holiday Sells

This is one of the easiest methods on how to level up in steam. If you’re one of those people who doesn’t understand the market and trading and crafting badges is not your cup of tea.

You can always earn XP in other forms like by Participating in Holiday Sells. You get 50 XP for every year of community service and community events. This is just by taking part!

These are few of the best ways on how to level up in steam. You could also steam gems to level up against buy that wouldn’t be the quiet way on how to level up in steam.

Let’s also look at things you must know about the marketplace which you’re at how to level up in steam.

Avoid Foils

We can understand that foil cards are shiny and can attract your attention. But foil cards are a bad investment, and we would not recommend it.

A badge that has been crafted from a foil card earn you the same as any other normal badge that is 100 XP. But they do sell for a lot at the market. Hence you should sell your foil card rather than create a badge from it.

You can also use to funds collected via selling the foil card and make multiple regular card sets if you wish to learn How to level up in steam.

Non- Card Badges

There are the couple of badges that are good and easy to gain some XP. Usually, the game collector badge will be automatically awarded when you’re eligible that is, own a certain number of games, start your first purchase and also levelling up at various milestones and eventually own every steam game in existence.

Community badges can be crafted by simply performing small little tasks on steam. These tasks can be reviewing a game or voting on Greenlight.

You can also level up twice for extra XP. If you want to keep track of the tasks that you have completed and the tasks that you’re yet to complete you can look it up at the Badges option under your profile.

Trading Bot Tips

At times you will end up with cards that you don’t necessarily need. But you also don’t want to spend more cash to buy the cards that you need or want.

In such situations, you can use a trading bot to exchange those cards for credits and then redeem the cards that you need to finish crafting a set.

An important thing to keep in mind is to check the value of a card before using it as a bot. trading BOT’s have the tendency to inflate rates to as high as 50% to 75% of its market value.

Sometimes it might be the best option to sell it in the market and use the steam cash to buy the cards that you need.

Remember that steam lets you sell only 200 times per year. After which, you will be stopped and then asked for further details, which honestly is a lot of pain!

Fodder to fuel

When you craft a set, XP is not the only that you gain. During a craft drop, not only do you get XP but you also have the opportunity to gain random things like emoticons and profile backgrounds which you might think are nothing but junk! But this actually has value, which might be a monetary value.

For Example: The Cpt Froggy was making around $25 to $40 in just a day by selling drops from badge crafting. And by reinvesting the money into more badges.

He was able to increase his level to a whopping 900! This is the best example of how to level up in steam.

Final Words

This brings us to an end on how to level up in steam. The best methods on how to level up in steam have been mentioned. Just read through and pick up the best option that you think would suit you and work with it.

There are also a lot of tips and guidelines mentioned above that you can use to step up your steam game. Have fun, and I hope this article on how to level up in steam was useful. Good luck!


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