How to Get Free Robux {Legit Ways}

Free Robux

Have you been spending a majority of your time on Roblox and now you’re out of coins and wondering how one can get more coins?  You can always get free Robux, and there are many methods through which you can get free Robux.

What is Roblox?

Roblox was launched on August 27th, 2006 by Roblox Corporation. This makes it around 12 years old. Roblox is a huge community with millions of users.

It is a massively multiplayer online game platform which gives their users the freedom to create, design their own games and at the same time, users can also choose from millions of games to play from.

A wide variety of games can be created using their Roblox Studio.  To give you a perspective of how much they’ve grown, today Roblox has 70 million monthly users who are active!

Under the Roblox Studio, games are coded using an object-oriented programming system. They use the programming language Lua to tweak the gaming environment.

The users who develop the game can also make passes which can be sold in order to get Robux (more information later into the article on how to get free Robux).

Roblox also gives the users the option to buy, sell and create items. These are virtual items, only the administrators of Roblox have the authority to sell items like accessories, body parts, packages, gear and so on.

Before we get into how to get free Robux, it is important to understand what Robux is and how one can use them.

To start off, Robux is the official in-game currency of Roblox. Robux has various uses like it is used to gain access to resources, customize your character in the game as well as upgrade your tools.

Usually, a person can obtain in two main ways, firstly, by using real money and buying Robux.

Roblox offers different packages, and you can pick a package according to the amount of Robux you need.

Secondly, you can get free Robux by participating in activities and games and also by unlocking different levels.

Since a lot of users are kids and they can’t afford to pay in order to get Robux, they look for different ways to get free Robux.

How to Get Free Robux in Roblox?

Remember, when we say free, you have to do some work in return for Robux, nothing is ever completely free in today’s world.

At the same time remember that are millions of sites out there waiting for you to make a wrong move and fall into a scam or a trap and lose the Robux you already own.

You’ll see a lot of scams that say “free Robux generator” or “free codes” be careful of such sites. The best way to stay safe is to follow this article, and you’ll be good.

Let’s dive right into the different ways on how to get free Robux.

1. Through the Builders Club Market Place

As a member of the Builder Club, you get free Robux, on a daily basis! It is a huge advantage to be a part of the Builders Market Place.

But, to be a member of the club, you need to pay a monthly fee. Hence, technically you’re paying for the Robux, but you also have other advantages of being a member of the builders club.

To give you an idea of the membership rates and the Robux you receive for it, read the next part:

  1. Regular builders club is around $5.95 a month, and you will get 15 free Robux a day.

  2. The TBC membership is around $11.95 a month, and you will get 35 free Robux a day.

  3. The OBC membership is around $19.95 a month, and you will get 60 free Robux a day.

In addition to this, Roblox also has two kits:

The starter kit: this is meant mainly for the members of the builders club.

Super Value Kit: for this kit, you have to pay $49.95, and you get 4500 Free Robux and an addition of 1500 free Robux if you’re an active member of the Builders Club Member.

2. Trading at the Marketplace

As mentioned above, getting free Robux is not the only advantage of being a member. The other advantage is that the marketplace is completely open to you.

The marketplace is an online platform which lets you trade, hence giving you the option to sell and buy items.

They also have the option of trading collectibles, and in return for these collectibles, you can get some free Robux.

If you’ve ever seen an auction or bidding, the marketplace works in the same manner. You can set your own price and then people will bid for the price they’re ready to pay for it, and it goes to the highest bidder. This is definitely the easiest way to earn a few extra Robux.

The main drawback of this method is that the value of the collectibles has to be high in order to do justice.

And not everyone will be ready to trade a large amount of Robux for a single piece of collectible.

But, as they say, something is better than nothing, you can always give it a try and if anyone is ready to trade.

Then you’re in luck and with a lot of Robux! When a user is interested in purchasing or trading the collectible, you will be notified about the user and the fact that they’re interested.

 If you’re satisfied with the amount of Robux they’re offering, you can trade the item or collectible and get free Robux in return.

If you’re not satisfied with the pitch of the buyer, you can always demand more Robux and get the amount you deserve! This method is a lot of fun.

It also teaches you a lot about how a marketplace works and gives you the opportunity to meet new people as well.

If you think that’s a lot of things you can do at the marketplace, add one more to the list. You can also use the builders club to sell items that you’ve created.

This works out best for the ones who are creative and continuously have good designs and wonderful ideas.

You can also outsource your work and get paid by a company or a group for your designs and so on.

Another way of using the builders club is to sell things that were created by you. If you’re the creative type and have a lot of designs and wonderful ideas you can sell them to other people or they could hire you and pay you in return.

Remember that a lot of scams occur in this area as well. The best way to avoid scams is to do a little background check of the person you’re trading with.

You could use the Roblox website or page to look up the person and his previous activities. The best way to start trading or selling is through the recruitment group and then make your way up by gaining more contacts and deals.

3. Developing a Game via Roblox studios

This method will require you to possess a certain level of skills. You can develop your own game by using the Roblox studio and in return get free Robux.

Games that belong to the genre of cafes and tycoon do really well and give you free Robux as well. If you’re a good coder or a developer, this will seem very easy.

You can also use your imagination and get wild and creative! Once the game release, you might be subjected to a lot of criticism, don’t let it get it to you, use it as feedback and work on your game more and give the users what they’re looking for.

You’ll eventually get the hang of it, and the users will love it. How to get free Robux though? You can make free Robux via power-ups which are built into the game.

Users have to pay for these power-ups when a power-up is bought 10% of the price belongs to you, and the rest goes to Roblox.

You’re marketing strategies have to be spot on, in order to get a lot of people to play your game and but the power-ups.

The best way to market your game is, first think about the age group of players and do activities that will catch their attention and second, try to get social media influencer to play and promote your game.

Remember, a number of players, more Robux (free) you can get for yourself.

4. Making clothes

Clothes on Roblox is one of the simplest and the best way to earn some free Robux. Making clothes gives you the opportunity to earn around 50 free Robux to 1000 free Robux.

This mainly depends on your skill and luck. To make clothes all you need is basic Photoshop skills and some and of course time.

If your designs are really good and you have a natural eye for it, you could simply join a fashion designer group, and this will definitely increase your chances of getting free Robux and a lot of buyers.

One of the best ways to earn Robux in a large amount is to make and sell uniforms. Selling uniforms have a very dynamic range as well.

You might get 50 Robux or 1000 Robux! As you’ve read above a lot of scams happen on Roblox, hence when you’re creating uniforms in large quantities be careful.

Make sure you paid first before you send them your design or the final product. If they’re not ready to believe you, maybe you shouldn’t be designing it for them!

But, if you’re desperate for some Robux, send them a low-quality image with a huge watermark right across the design. We recommend you to paid first before you send out any design as such.

You can also make Uniforms and sell them, and even these have a dynamic price range. They could sell for either 50 Robux or even thousands of Robux.

While you agree on large quantities of orders, it advise you to get paid first before you send them your designs. It is hard to trust anyone on the internet, and you could get scammed easily.

If they don’t believe you can do it, you can always send them a low-quality picture of your design with a watermark. Hence, make sure you get paid first.

5. Employee Group

The best thing about Roblox is that you can get free Robux simply by being part of a group or like a community.

For example, let’s say you’re part of a war group, you will receive free Robux for conducting raids and completing tasks that were assigned to you.

Let’s take another example, let’s say you’re hired at a restaurant, you will again get free Robux for serving customers or standing behind the counter.

One main drawback here is that these groups are temporary that is they are not very regular and a stable source of Robux.

The owner sometimes goes bankrupt, that is they’re out of money to pay you and hence decide to shut the group down.

Hence, if you want to rely upon free Robux through groups, we highly recommend that you always stay on the move and are ready to adapt.

6. Being a part of endorsement programs

Roblox offers an official endorsement program through which your main objective is to send out invites to people and try to get as many people to become a part of the Roblox community.

You will give a special link, that will be unique to you. You need to send the link to everyone, and they have to register using the link.

Once they’re a part of the Roblox community for every purchase they make, you will get 5% of it in the form of free Robux.

Like every other method, this method also has a drawback, and it’s not really practical for anyone to make a purchase just in order for you to get a few free Robux.

It also becomes really expensive for people to purchase items for you to receive 5% of it. If you are rich or happen to have rich relatives or even friends this method should work out fine.

If not we suggest you go looking for some rich friends! The best way to how to get free Robux.

7. Free Google Play Credit

Google play credit is again a really simple way on how to get free Robux. Once you register with google play, you will receive offers and promotions that will be sent to your account from Google (this is all free).

You get around $1 to $3 play credit depending on the offers and promotions. This is how to get free Robux using Google play credit.

TIP: By downloading the smartphone edition, you can spend 99p and get around 80 Robux in return.  You could also use the smartphone edition and spend 99p for around 80 robux.

8. Creating GFX’s and Ads

Creating a GFX is harder when compare to making clothes as it requires a certain amount of skill that not everyone has.

But, making GFX’s pays you really well and considere easy money if you’re good at designing. GFX’s could either be in the form of profile pictures or game thumbnails and the list goes on.

Making ads is very similar to GFX’s, but it is much easier when compare to making a GFX’s.

Ads always have high demands, and the payers don’t shy away from paying you a reasonable amount of Robux for your work.

9. Using PointsPrizes for free Robux

PointsPrizes is an online platform through which you get free Robux by completing tasks that were given to you by Robux.

Definitely a solution on how to get free Robux.  The first step is, you will have to make an account with them. The second step is when you receive a list of tasks you should complete in order to get a specific amount of free Robux.

The nature of these tasks could vary, they can be like filling surveys or signing up for a newsletter of various companies or getting more people to join the PointPrize website or community.

You will be rewarded with free Robux only once the task has been fully completed. If you have interest in getting bonus free Robux, you can download the app and send links to all your friends and family. Ask them to download the app using the link you sent them.

And in addition to that, you will receive a 10% of the purchase whenever a purchase is made by the other person.

When you have accumulated enough points, you can get free Robux by cashing in the points. Hence, the more points you have, the more free Robux for you!

10. Using RBX Points for Free Robux

This is the last method on how to get free Robux. RBX points works the same way as Points Prizes, except Point Prizes is a better option!

You can free Robux points by answer simple surveys, downloading games and so on. They are simple tasks and not very time-consuming.

This brings us to the end of how to get free Robux. Read the entire article and pick the method you think would work the best for you or you can use all the methods. No harm, you’ll just end up with more Robux. Have fun gaming!


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